Hooman's BIography Full name: Hooman Jafari Birthdate:November 23,1980 Birthplace:IRAN,Teheran (Raised in Canada&US) Hair: Black Eyes:Dark brown Home: Woodland Hills, CALIFORNIA Nicksnames:Hami,Homi Zodiac sign: Sagittarius Chinese animal sign: Monkey His car: Black BMW Family:Katy,youger sister, wich they look alike, Kamran; older brother, mom and dad (who he has inlimited love for) Language(speaking) FARSI,English and French Language(singing):FARSI, English, French & Spanish Hobbies:Play piano for hours to express feeling, make music, dance, once a while acting, watch & play sports (soccer,hockey,basketball, wrestling", spend of my time with my brother Kamran. Loves:Singing and perfoming on stage Hates:Evil itself Favourite color: RED, the color of passion Favourites movie stars: Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Julia Roberts, Leonardo Dicaprio, Catherine-Zeta jones, Chris tucker, Samuel L.Jackson, Tom cruise. Favourite food: Fast food Favourite iranian food:Fesenjoon! Favourite Fruits Pinneapple, sour tangerines, cold watermelon & sous kiwis. Favourite TV showsWWF Raw/Smackdown, Seinfeld, Simpsons, Friends & especially Stand-Up Comedy shows, specially Eddie Murphy's RAW. Favourite animals: The king of the jungle, Lion and all the monkeys Favourite destinations to visit(other than Iran):Africa, so I could see all the wild animals up close. Favourite music/artists:MICHAEL JACKSON, Alicia Keys, Ludacris, George Michael, 2PAC, Boys II Men, 112 many more, he listens to everything from Nsync & BSB to Classical music. Favourite Black cats song:Naro, Lili, Ey Yaar...actually he likes all of the BC (Black Cats) songs. Collects:Superman items (watches, necklaces, T-shirts, etc.) and funky shades. How his mom describes him:Strong inside & Dedicated to finish anything that he has started. Musical Influence: Westernize music especially Michael Jackson. Day he realized he was famous: Walking in the streets and having a lot of people recognizing you and supporting your music. It is a great feeling! Favorite Quote: "Just kiddin'!" (He jokes a lot) What he looks for in a girl: Honesty, nice smile & sensitivity . How a girl can get his attention: "Her eyes says it all, the way she expresses herself to me when she looks at me" - quote by Hooman . What he looks for in a girl:" I like a girl who´s not afraid of love! When she knows that a guy wants to give her his love, she doesn´t RUN AWAY!.A girl who´s fun,who can talk to me about everything! and I also want her to understand that being a POPSTAR is hard and needs lots of time,so I won´t be having much time to spend with her!" A messege from his fans:"Love leads us all to be better person,keep the faith and you will succeed,cause we all know NOTHING IS IMPOSSIPLE! I love you all..."
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